5 Upcycled Crafts plus Capri Sun Big Pouch and American Pickers Contest!

5 Upcycled Craft Projects, plus Capri Sun Big Pouch and American Pickers Contest! #CapriSunPickers #shop
Do I recycle? You bet I do!

My husband and I are regular recyclers, even when we host big parties. We’ve never found recycling to be a hassle, and our town provides one standard recycling bin – looks like a large plastic trash bin – to each household. I own a greeting card company, where each card is handmade by me. This means lots of paper scraps and packaging, which all gets recycled. And many of the crafts I share with you here on my blog contain something that I’m upcycling into something else, such as these five popular (according to Pinterest!) projects:

My popular tutorial for turning your used dryer sheets into faux flowers:

Upcycle those used dryer sheets into fun flowers! Easy step-by-step tutorial!
Got an old business card box? Upcycle it into a pretty gift box with Mod Podge:
Old business card box + Mod Podge + glitter = Fabulous gift box!
Old Tray Table makeover -- tutorial includes making - and faking - hobnail trim!
Old planter transformed into a decorative cachepot for display!
And just in time for Halloween, here’s a post I did last year which is still going strong on Pinterest: upcycled jelly jars turned into vintage potion and spell jars!
Upcycle those empty jelly jars into vintage potion and spell candle votive holders!

Capri Sun Big Pouch and American Pickers Contest!

I was first introduced to Capri Sun when I saw how many moms in our neighborhood preferred these over sodas (thankfully!) for their sons and daughters at our get-togethers like our annual block party. I like that Capri Sun now has less sugar, comes in 100% juice varieties as well as their tasty juice drink flavors, and now comes in the new Capri Sun Big Pouch, a more economical size! What I like about Capri Sun even more, however, is their recycling partnership program with Terracycle: turn in used drink pouches and earn points for your local school!

This super-quick video explains the importance of recycling. And who could explain it better than Mike creator and star of American Pickers on History – the ultimate recycler and upcycler!

Let’s watch . . .

Did you catch that last part? Yes, there’s a contest hosted by Capri Sun and Walmart! The contest winner (and 3 guests) will meet and do a half-day pick with Mike Wolfe, creator and star of American Pickers on History! Can you imagine how fun that will be? I love seeing what treasures are discovered on American Pickers (such a great show) and can only imagine how much fun going picking with Mike will be!

To enter, just upload a photo of something awesome you found while out picking. You can upload the photo at this Capri Sun link.

Yes, there’s only one winner for the trip to Nashville – but wait, there’s more! 100 other winners will be chosen to receive Capri Sun Pickers Prize Packs! (Say that 10 times fast!) These prize packs will include some fun tools you can use to go on your own picks. Very cool, indeed!

OK, get those photos uploaded and enter to win! And definitely follow Capri Sun on Facebook and Twitter for ways you can recycle those drink pouches and earn rewards for your school!


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    I love a good upcycle and Capri Sun! I probably need to catch up with American Pickers… all of these shows are so addictive for a DIYer. Ha!

  2. says

    Such great upcycles and recycles – you rock at those! I don’t think we have Capri Sun in Canada but it sure sounds yummy! And as for American Pickers.. lets just say even my husband is obsessed with that one!