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Burlap Word Art Tutorial using a meaningful word | The Shed by Pet Scribbles

I began choosing a word of the year in 2012. My word for that year was messy, and my word(s) for 2013: my comfort zone. While there’s still 4 months left to go, I already know what my word of the year will be for 2014: kind. As in be kind, kindness, and find your own kind like your own tribe, i.e. surround yourself with people who “get” you.

I’ve actually known this would be my future word of the year since April when I attended the SNAP Conference in Utah and heard Lisa Leonardwho I heart completely – speak during a morning keynote session. At one point, she spoke about kindness, and how kindness goes a long way. It isn’t something to turn on or off, but something that can hopefully be part of your heart.

When I think of someone who is the epitomy of kindness, I think of my husband. He is the kindest person I know. His kindness is always present, just simply part of who he is. But before I gush too much, let me show you how I made this wall hanging!

Burlap Word Art DIY

I started with 4 small canvases (each 4″ square) and some burlap. Other supplies needed are your choice of paint colors, two foam brushes (one for paint, one for Mod Podge), Mod Podge, stencils, brads and ribbon.

burlap and canvases are the backdrops for this word art DIY
After painting each canvas with a base color of gray, it was time to begin layering my paint colors. I chose colors to match our breakfast room, since that’s where this piece would end up.
I dry-brushed each color onto the canvas, using very little paint. Just wipe off most of the paint onto scrap paper and then begin to apply your colors. (See above right for how little paint is on my brush.)
I used a metallic yellow first, then added a soothing green, next a bright aqua followed by some orange, and then kept repeating the process. There’s no right or wrong way to do this, just play with your colors, and keep layering until you are satisfied!
Examples of adding each color to the canvases, use a dry-brush technique.
Here’s what the finished canvases looked like after painting. I like how the metallic yellow catches the light, while the other colors are matte. Let dry thoroughly.
Background painted canvas for the burlap word art project

I cut out my burlap pieces into squares smaller than each canvas. You can refer to my easy trick to cut burlap in straight lines. I applied Antique Matte Mod Podge with a foam brush to the front of each canvas and to the back of each piece of burlap, then simply stuck the burlap on and smoothed it out. I used a fun set of Americana Classic Stencils from DecoArt. The font style of these stencils is called funky flair.

Cut burlap, mod podge onto canvas, stencil letters onto burlap. Easy!

I let everything dry overnight, although I’m sure it was dry after several hours. I drilled 3/4″ holes into the tops and bottoms of each canvas, tied them together vertically with sheer ribbon, and added copper brads purely for decoration. (We have hints of copper throughout our downstairs, so I like to play off that when I create decor for our home. I added a copper metallic edge to my Monogram Wall Art DIY – also in our breakfast room!)

I used sheer yellow ribbon to connect each canvas, with copper brads as accents.
For the top of the wall hanging, I made a loop with the sheer ribbon. For the bottom hole, I just looped the sheer ribbon around itself before adding a brad.
Sheer ribbon was looped around the bottom hole of the wall hanging.

When I showedmy husband this finished project, his immediate reaction was,

“Why did you use the German word for child?”

Yes, that’s what comes with his German background! 🙂 And that’s his humor too: he knew darn well that I was using the English word kind, not the German, but had to ask me anyway. I totally love that guy!

DIY Burlap Word Art - choose a word and make it your own!
Burlap Wood Art Wall Hanging
The colors in the wall hanging match perfectly with not only our breakfast room, but the colors in our open floorplan too. We have yellow walls in the breakfast room and kitchen, green in the dining room, and a deep taupe color in the great room and hallways. Our ceilings and wood trim are painted in a warm white shade. (We jokingly say the colors are nacho colors: yellow = chips; green = guacamole; white = sour cream; taupe = black beans. We’re missing the salsa color, but our plan is to paint that color in our library!)
Burlap Word Art displayed in our breakfast room!
All of the colors in this project match our homes colors perfectly!
Burlap Word Art Tutorial - choose a meaningful word for a personal piece of artwork!
I like seeing this every morning when I start my day! Kind. Be kind. Kindness. My kind of people!


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