10 Unique Lamp Makeovers

10 Unique Lamp Makeovers
Buying a thrift store lamp and giving it a makover is a popular theme on Pinterest. Mixed in with simple makeovers are more complex lamp DIYs where the maker creates a lamp out of something else, for example: wine bottles, reclaimed wood, teapots… You get the idea!
Here’s 10 unique DIY projects to get your own creative juices flowing!
Each project is specifically about the lamp itself, not the shade.
So here we go . . .

10 Unique Lamp Makeovers!

Make over a lamp with wine corks!

DIY Lamp Makeover with wine corks | Madigan Made
DIY Wine Cork Lamp | Madigan Made

Craft a chandelier out of cardboard!

Cardboard Chandelier Tutorial | The Etsy Blog
Cardboard Chandelier | How-Tuesday on The Etsy Blog

A wallpaper cylinder becomes a lighted conversation piece!

Wallpaper Cylinders used for dying wallpaper as the lamp base | Restoration Redoux
Wallpaper Cylinder Lamp | Restoration Redoux

Craft boxes stack up quite nicely!

Dollar Store Trinket Box Lamp

Craft Boxes Lamp | Recaptured Charm

Colorful wooden beads help match any lamp to its surroundings perfectly!

DIY Lamp with wooden beads | In My Own Style
Beaded Lamp | In My Own Style

Create your own table lamps out of ornate candlesticks!

Faux Table Lamps made from candlesticks | Hostess with the Mostess
Candlestick Table Lamp | Hostess with the Mostess

An old music stand becomes a trendy tripod lamp!

Turn a music stand tripod into a lamp base | The Painted Hive
Music Stand Tripod Lamp | The Painted Hive

Have a collection of teapots? How about making them into a lamp?

Teapot Lamp Tutorial | Country Living
Teapot Lamp | Country Living

A lamp from a wine bottle, made all the more special because it’s a vintage find!

DIY Bottle Lamp using a vintage wine bottle | Rain on a Tin Roof
Vintage Wine Bottle Lamp | Rain on a Tin Roof
Free barn wood becomes a treasured rustic lamp!
Salvaged Wood Lamp DIY | Burlap and Denim
Salvaged Wood Lamp | Burlap and Denim

Want to see more? Check out my Lamp Makeovers board on Pinterest. You’ll find a collection of lamp and lampshade makeovers, from simple projects to total transformations and everything in between! It’s lamp eye candy just for you!

So tell me: Have you made over a lamp? Do you love it? Did you pin it? Leave your pin with your comment and I’ll add it to my board, if it’s not already on there!


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    Love a good roundup and especially of lamps. There are some really unique ideas. Love the wine corks. I mean what else can you really do with them that hasn’t been done? But then you see something like this and you know that creativity is still alive and kicking. Also loved the bead idea, very cute. Can’t wait for the lampshades. Great post.