Adoption Cards for Adoptive Families

Last Thursday, I shared my Mother’s Day cards available in my Etsy shop in this post here. Towards the end of that post, I mentioned a bit about the special card you see above, an adoption-themed card that I worked on with a friend of mine, Vanessa, who is herself an adoptive mom.

Well, this morning I was sending out Etsy orders, and while in my Etsy shop online, I noticed some traffic coming from Vanessa’s blog. I clicked over and was instantly humbled by the gracious post Vanessa had written about our project.

It brought tears of joy to me, and so I’m sharing the link here so that you might find a few minutes to click over and read about Vanessa’s story, including her initial rant lament about the lack of adoption cards out there. (Trust me – it is rather ironic and funny to read, knowing even a little bit about some of the types of cards I offer….such as pet-themed cards!)

Here’s the link:  Heart of My Heart…A Special Announcement | At The Picket Fence