Steps with Walgreens is Very Motivational #BalanceRewards

Healthier snacks I picked up at Walgreens over the weekend!

I think it was the blue Easter bunny marshmallow peep that might have been the last straw. I overloaded on Easter candy this year. And as I shared the other day, I’m attending a major blogging conference in a little over one week! With the warmer weather finally becoming more common around here, I’m excited to get out and do some gardening, but after just one afternoon of yardwork the other day, I was sore. And that’s not good.

I’ve got to get in shape. I need to lose weight and I need to tone up. There. I said it. It’s out there. Egads. I’m shaking my head as I type this, because I’m usually very private about my own weight issues and feelings. But I’ve heard others say that blogging about it can help you stick to your goals, so here I go!

I don’t care how much the Easter candy is marked down, I’ve had enough!

When I heard about the Steps with Walgreens program, I was intrigued. Using the Walgreens app on my iPhone, or by simply logging into their website, I can enter my weight goals, my fitness goals, and also enter my progress in achieving those goals. You might be thinking, “What’s so great about that?” Well, Walgreens will reward me with points on my Balance Rewards card when I meet my own goals. Very motivational!

I’ve always loved Walgreens’ tag line. But it’s more than a tag line.
They actually walk the walk. And now they want us to walk too!

I haven’t really talked a lot about my hip issues since last August, in my post Getting My Hair and Hips Done. In a nutshell, here’s the latest: Because my detached labrum has begun to fuse into the hip bone, doing any type of surgery other than a total hip replacement (THR) is out of the question. And my hip surgeon says I’m too young to get a THR yet, even though I’m 46. So after not doing much of any exercise in quite some time, the surgeon gave me the go-ahead to slowly begin walking on a treadmill and using an exercise bike. And I’m slowly getting around to it.

I went to Walgreens to purchase some healthier snacks. You can see my entire shopping trip in my Google+ album here. While I was at the checkout counter, I inquired about the Steps with Walgreens program. I was directed to the photo kiosk where customers can sign up for the program. I clicked on the “Walk with Walgreens” icon you see in this image. and simply entered my email address as requested.

A screen popped up letting me know I could complete my registration through a link I’d receive via email. Once home, I completed my registration on my laptop. Later, I logged into my Walgreens app on my iPhone to check my Balance Rewards points. Always an extra little perk from shopping at Walgreens!

Here’s what greeted me when I logged into the Walgreens app. Sweet, right?

Whoo-hoo! Already at 4,000 points!

Next, I went to the Steps icon on my Walgreens app. I clicked on the Goals tab and chose to start a new walking goal of 6000 steps daily. Might not seem like a lot, but after doing very little to no exercise because of my detached labrum, I feel like this is a good start. 

Yes, I blocked out my dates and progress so far. I’ll keep that private, thank you very much! 

You can also log your activity, how many steps you walked, how many miles you jogged, any weight you may have lost, and so on, by simply clicking on the Activity tab at the bottom of the screen:

Here’s the screen that pops up, and you can choose what type of activity you want to record.

I like the bottom of this page (see below) with all the smiley emoticons – the yawning face is my favorite! Or maybe that face is yelling in pain and defiance. Not sure!

You can find complete information on the Steps with Walgreens Balance Rewards program page on the Walgreens website. Here’s a screen shot of the page:

See those five tabs above? The Introduction page is above. Below is a screen shot of the rest of the tabs: Set Goals & Track Progress, Earn Rewards, Devices, and Engage with Others.

I’m more of a private person when it comes to sharing my body image issues, although I’m sharing it here on my blog so now how private is that? Hah! Walgreens has an active community that shares stories, successes, offers advice and support, so that nobody has to go it alone when it comes to being more active.

Did you know that you can enter to win a trip to The Biggest Loser resort of the winner’s choice (Chicago, Ivins,UT, Malibu, Niagra, NY)? Yes you you can, in the Step Up To Win Sweepstakes which started last week and runs until May 31st. Official sweepstakes rules can be found here.

What a sweet grand prize!

The Step Up To Win Sweepstakes also has daily instant win prizes too!

I think you can better understand why I love Walgreens’ tag line so much. But it’s more than a tag line. 

They actually walk the walk. And now they want us to walk too! 


You can learn more about Walgreens, their Steps program, and their Balance Rewards program by following them on Facebook and Twitter.

And if you want some fun ideas for entertaining – and being entertained – check out the new Aisle Share FUN page.

I’ll keep you posted on how I’m doing with exercise and losing weight. But I might not share that often, as it still feels a bit uncomfortable for me to share some of this so publicly. However, this fits in nicely with my word(s) of the year: My Comfort Zone – a good read if you haven’t yet seen it.

Here’s to good health!


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    I was so excited when I saw that Walgreens now prints instagram photos! I always print photos at Walgreens and other online print options for instagram are Uber expensive! The steps program looks great I can’t wait to try it out 🙂 Thanks for sharing all the helpful tips and tricks!