In a blogging rut? Me too. Top tips to get you back on track!

In a blogging rut? Me too! Learn the top tips I used from my fellow creative bloggers who got me back on track!
Yes, as the title says, I drove straight off the blogging road to bliss and landed in a deep rut on the side of the road. It happened so quickly, I had no time to react. There I was. Stuck. It felt like I lost every creative bone (and brain cell) in my body. I wasn’t sure if it was because I’ve been going 24/7 (almost) with Socks for Sandy since the hurricane hit our town, or because my craft office is beyond chaotic, or what.
I ended up writing an article about it for Crafterminds – an awesome resource site for creative bloggers. 
I’d love for you to click over and read my guest post: What to do when you drive into a rut on the Blogging Road to Bliss. I share lots of good advice received from many of my fellow blogger friends, and the advice can apply to other “rut” situations too, so please check it out.
And if you have a helpful tip or story to share? Even better!
Oh – and I’m out of the rut now, and driving just fine. 😉



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    My favorite thing to do is to when I get a series of ideas to draft a bunch and let them sit until I have more energy for them. Then I write a bunch to have on hand if I need to post any when I am not feeling the blogging bug.

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    Wow! This really hits home. Do you drive a Toyota per chance? My blogging breaks failed recently and I found myself in the same rut. Sadly Flo from progressive never showed to help me out of it (I’m with the lizard anyway).

    This is a great list of tips and I used many of them to climb out of my un-creative quagmire. A trip to the thrift store helped jog my creative memory (and annoy my hubs because I came home with a flamingo for the bathroom), but the best thing I did to get back in the swing of creativity was organize my studio. Not only does having an organized space help clear your head, it also helps to rediscover those “someday” project squirrel aways and had my head swirling with ideas in no time!

    Great job putting this together Laura!


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      Pink flamingo? For the bathroom? Nice! 😉 Yes, I concur with having an organized craft studio. Tidying and cleaning mine up is taking way longer than I’d like, but at least I’m making progress (although it doesn’t look that way to anyone but me right now!) Last night, as I was able to carve out a space just big enough for me to decoupage a small object, it occurred to me that I really MUST get this studio in tip-top shape. Too many things need a home…and “the floor” doesn’t count as a home either…she tells herself over and over. Ha!