Pet Scribbles: Faux Flowers: Tutorials and DIYs

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Faux Flowers: Tutorials and DIYs

Paper Flowers Tutorial by Plucking Daisies
Neapolitan Paper Flowers by Plucking Daisies

Aren't the flowers above gorgeous? My friend Amy, the designer extraordinaire behind her blog Plucking Daisies, created them. (You can click on each image in this post to go straight to the corresponding tutorial.)

I am fascinated with all of the different ways to make faux flowers, including . . .

Cherry Blossom Branch Tutorial by A Well Crafted Party
Cherry Blossom Branches by A Well Crafted Party
 and . . .

Duct Tape Roses Tutorial via Make Magazine's Craft blog
Duct Tape Roses via Make Magazine's Craft blog
and also . . .

Fabric Flowers Tutorial by Sweet C's Designs
Fabric Rosettes by Sweet C's Designs

So far, I've only made flowers out of dryer sheets, but I plan on trying many faux flower tutorials this year.

Dryer Sheet Flowers Tutorial by The Shed blog
Dryer Sheet Flowers by The Shed

Wouldn't some of these tiny button flowers look so pretty as part of your Spring decor?

Button Flowers Tutorial by Flamingo Toes
Wee Tiny Spring Button Flowers by Flamingo Toes

And can you picture these colorful, oversized flowers displayed as party decorations?

Paper Bag Flowers by Shannanigans
Paper Bag Flowers by Shannanigans

And how about wearing one of these on a Spring cardigan?

Silk Flower Pin Tutorial by Rook No. 17
Carte Postale Stamped Silk Flower Pins by Rook No. 17

Want to see more?

I started a Pinterest board devoted entirely to Faux Flowers (DIYs) to keep all of my favorites in one handy place, and invited several crafty bloggers to pin their favorites as well. Right now, as of me typing this post, there are 76 tutorials to make flowers out of paper, coffee filters, paper bags, fabric and buttons, with more tutorials being added regularly.

Faux Flowers DIY Roundup on The Shed blog by Pet Scribbles

So if you're looking for some inspiration to make your own faux flowers, follow my Faux Flowers Pinterest board.

Here's to Spring!



  1. What a fabulous floral roundup! So happy to be included :) Gets me in the mood for flower making for sure!


    1. Me too, which is why I decided to share all of these here today! Love your flowers, so I can't wait to see more!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Viv! Here's to Spring! (And I'm looking forward to following along with your Disney trip blogging this weekend, by the way!)


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