Scattered like snowflakes: the items on my to do list!

Yes this is me, and yes this is a teabag wrapper taped to my forehead. (November 2011)

Hi there! Remember me? Ā šŸ™‚

Although I haven’t posted here since last Friday, I want you to know that I started many blog posts. But then something just didn’t go quite right.

And the main post, which was to be a fabulous ornament tutorial I couldn’t wait to share, turned into a huge craft fail because I just couldn’t get a decent “money shot” picture for anything. And after spending way too many hours attempting to edit the pictures to make them look halfway decent, I just gave up and deleted the entire post.

I’ve written entire blog posts in my head, in the middle of the night. Epic. Traffic would be coming in like it’s rush hour: that’s how good some of them have been. In my head. In the middle of the night.

I’ve been doing Socks for Sandy, and that has taken up a lot of my time, so that’s another reason my posts are not appearing as often as I would otherwise like. And Socks for Sandy is going well. You can click here to read the latest.

I’m forgetting things. I have so many “to do lists” on my worktable, on my iPhone, in my purse, in my other purse…

This picture was taken last November, by me, of me. I kept forgetting to order more tea, until I taped the tea bag wrapper to my forehead to remind myself. It worked. I might try that technique this year, perhaps keeping one main list attached to my forehead. Can you imagine if you saw me in Michaels or Kmart? At least you could tell me what was on my list!

How about you? Scattered? Busy? Totally zen?



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    Yes busy busy busy.Not enough time in the day.Glad I am more simplistic with our Christmas decor this year.Lots of crafting for gifts to finish,baking,wrapping,shipping on and on.I have days like that too.Pictures don’t seem to turn out.And then I think maybe I am starting to get to picky.There are times I take great photos it seems the editing went well but I end up not always liking them after they are published.

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    Prioritize your list by what’s due first. Works for me. I can relate with the “Money shot” concept all too well. The lighting in my house sucks. It’ll be awful cold shooting outside this winter.

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    Totally busy…I feel like such a bad mom, we don’t have a tree up yet and the only reason we have a few strands of evergreen boughs were so I could get some decent pictures for holiday projects.

    I like your idea though, as long as you stick with just ONE list taped to your forehead. šŸ™‚

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      LOL I never thought of that: multiple lists might start getting too confusing all taped together onto my forehead… It is a bit funny that our advance planning or decorating is usually because we need to have props for our blog post photos! I had my husband drag one of our fake trees upstairs in October just so I could photograph some ornaments properly. šŸ™‚

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    Oh yes. I’m feeling scattered. I try to do too many things, then feel very stressed. And it’s my own fault for pushing myself to “do it all”! Well, maybe not all…but it feels like it. Ack!
    And I know what you mean about blog posts just not going where you want them to. And then the photos that just won’t work. I use natural light to photograph my hand crafted cards. So if the weather is dark and dreary, well good luck getting a great photo!
    Love your blog, by the way. I just found it today, through HomeTalk!

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      Thanks so much Susie – so glad you found me via HomeTalk! Yes, photographing cards can be a losing battle if the natural light isn’t good, so dark and dreary days aren’t our friend! I’m trying to prioritize what “must” get done versus what can wait “a little bit” to tackle versus what can honestly “wait” period. šŸ™‚