Halloween Magnets in my Etsy shop

Halloween Black Bat Magnets Etsy Pet Scribbles
Halloween Black Bat Magnets, Set of 7 | © Pet Scribbles LLC

I’ve added some fun Halloween-themed magnet sets that I made to my Etsy shop! In addition to the bats above – check out their fangs, by the way – there are also two different sets of “Spells and Potions” as shown below:

Halloween Spells and Potions Magnets Etsy Pet Scribbles
Halloween Spells and Potions Magnets, Set of 5 | © Pet Scribbles LLC
Halloween Magnets Witch Spells Etsy Pet Scribbles
Halloween Magnets, Spells and Potions, Set of 5 | © Pet Scribbles LLC

I used some fun Halloween-themed scrapbook papers which were already distressed as part of the design. Gotta love that! (I sure did!)

The acrylic bubble cabochons are made in America. I don’t “do” China, which means these cabochons have no scratches or cracks, their quality is top-notch. This means that each magnified image is crystal clear.

Attached to the domed cabochons are super-strong rare earth magnets, each capable of holding several sheets of paper at a time. No worries of “magnet slippage” issues here!

Each magnet is 1 inch in diameter, and about 3/8″ at the highest point of the dome.

A fun and inexpensive way to decorate your fridge, your inspiration board, your office cubicle!

Do you have a favorite?