The Friends of Colleen Jorgensen Fundraiser

“Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time, and always start with the person nearest you.” – Mother Teresa

One of the neatest things to me is the bonds that are made when you are among those with similar careers to your own. This is easily evident among teachers, nurses, secretaries, salesmen, basically groups of people with similar careers, who form bonds which provide not only professional support and networking but also with personal support and friendship. This is a harder thing – for lack of a better word at the moment – to achieve for certain professions when the majority of your work is done away from a traditional setting. Some easy examples are moms, artists, bloggers, and virtual assistants, and some people fall into more than one of these groupings too.

I’m one of those who works from home. I run my small business and I also run this blog. And I am so fortunate to count many fellow crafters, artists, and bloggers among my own group. These ladies – not being sexist but it just happens to be all gals – provide encouragement, support, advice, and everything in between. It’s an amazing group of individuals with different ages, different specialties and disciplines, and different talents, who care deeply about helping each other succeed professionally and thrive personally. These gals have the biggest hearts – and usually the best recipes and DIYs too!

One of these people is Brittany, the blogger behind Pretty Handy Girl. (And yes, you should check out her blog.) And today I’m sharing with you an example of Brittany’s heart. Her post is below, and it’s about another amazing woman named Colleen. I’ve only known Colleen since January of this year, and I’ve known her to be not only artistically gifted with her painting, but also super tech-savvy. (Just check out Colleen’s tutorial series on learning about Google+ and you’ll see what I mean.) Colleen suffered what I consider and imagine to be the worst loss possible recently: the death of her husband. I’ll let Brittany share the story with you . . .

You may know my friend and fellow blogger Colleen. She’s known as Mural Maker to the blog world.

Colleen with Centsational Girl (Kate)

Colleen is a caring person and is truly a giver by nature. She and her husband each took care of their aging mothers on a 24/7 basis. They were forced to live separately while they cared for the women who raised them. They did spend as much time together as their lives allowed, especially while caring for their 4 year old grandson.

She and her husband Marlon were struggling to make ends meet after the thoughtless and fraudulent actions of one person turned their lives upside down. Just when they thought they had hit rock bottom, a glimmer of hope arose and it looked like there might be a way to erase (if that’s even possible) 20 years of literally paying for an erroneous paper filed with a goverment agency. While in the process of filling out mountains of paperwork to undo this “wrong”, Marlon began to make the first steps out of an extremely fragile financial situation.

Three weeks after he was starting to get his life back, Marlon developed an aortic tear (if you remember John Ritter’s sudden death, he was struck by the same medical condition.) Most people die instantly from an aortic tear, but not Marlon. He fought for his life and so did the surgeons. After several surgeries, he was in recovery but the damage was done and he slipped away peacefully.

Colleen was devastated, her husband was her rock and her best friend to lean on. He was her ever positive outlook guy. As she dealt with the blow of his death, she didn’t realize that the worst was yet to come. Soon after the funeral, the bills started to flood in. Medical bills from the surgeries and all the emergency room and ICU fees. Bills for the funeral. And their normal bills.

Amidst all the hands outreached for money, Colleen has one that presents a more pressing need. She suffered a debilitating back injury years ago, which still requires medical treatments so she can endure the pain. At this point, I think you understand that her need for funds to pay the bills and just simply survive (until she can get back on her feet) are unimaginable.

Colleen would never ask for money for herself, but she has agreed to let me post these details of her life and help her set up a fund raiser.

A Friends of Colleen Jorgensen Fundraising Page has been set up with (a unique site for helping people fund raise for their causes.) All the money raised will go directly to Colleen. Payments can be made with credit card or eCheck. And all your information and the amount you donated is kept private.

So, who’s with me? Can you help give back with a small donation?

Or can you help spread the word? Simply paste this code onto your sidebar (or in a post) to help spread the word:

Friends of Colleen Jorgensen Fundraiser

Thanks so much for reading Brittany’s words, and for learning a little bit about Colleen’s story. At the very least, I hope that each person who reads this post will offer up some good thoughts and prayers for Colleen. I know that times are tough for way too many right now. Here’s hoping for brighter days ahead for everyone. Hugs to each of you.