Do You Ear What I Ear? My Handmade Earrings Addiction: Blue Denim!

Blue Aquamarine Gemstone Slice Earrings | DoolittleJewelry | New York City

Welcome to another edition of Do You Ear What I Ear?, where I share my handmade earrings addiction with you. Each month I put together a collection of gorgeous earrings found on Etsy. If money were no object, I would purchase every single pair of earrings that I “heart” on Etsy. But alas, even though I don’t treat money as an object, it apparently is an object, therefore I cannot purchase all of the handmade earrings that I covet.

But I digress.

This month’s theme? Blue denim! No, not earrings made out of denim, instead each of these earring designs features a soothing shade that reminds me of blue denim, such as the stunning pair of earrings by Doolittle Jewelry, above.

Let’s continue . . .

Blue Ruffle Crochet Earrings | Bobbi Lewin | Salt Lake City, Utah
Stormy Seas Labradorite Gemstone Earrings | Laura Stark | New York City
Uncut, Raw, Rough Apatite Earrings | A Second Time | Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Sapphire Blue Mystic Quartz Earrings | daimblond | Avranches, Lower Normandy, France
Owyhee Blue Opal Earrings | saltyduck | Wellfleet, Massachusetts
Victorian Style Dangle Earrings | SecretFind | Rubezhnoe, Ukraine
Kyanite Earrings with Sterling Silver | jpfAccessories | San Jose, California
Modern Boho Enamel Flower Earrings | tekaandzoe | Gardnerville, Nevada
Denim Blue Earrings with vintage frosted glass jewels | ParisienneGirl | Federal Way, Washington
Scallops Doily Dangle Earrings with hand-dyed thread | mccordworks | Houston, Texas
Long Gold Druzy Agate Geode Earrings | MamacitaStudios | Las Vegas, Nevada

These blue denim earrings are just a highlight of what each artist creates. Click on the links beneath each of the images to learn more about the featured earrings and to see each artist’s complete collection.

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And follow my Handmade Earrings on Etsy Pinterest board for even more stunning designs!




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    You’ve found some great earrings here! I especially love the rough Apatite and the Mystic Quartz:) Thank you for including my crochet ruffles.

  2. says

    I love those petite kyanite earrings, but this is a great collection of the blues! Thank you so much for including my aquamarine earrings! Your blog is great.

  3. says

    What a fun series!! I’d love to start one of these…. hmm.. gotta think of what. Great choices for the blue earrings! Etsy is full of amazing talent!! I just LOVE them all!

    • says

      Thanks Janette! If you can narrow down something that you love to collect, then that will make for a fun ongoing series. Unless you’re like me, and bits of drool come out of your mouth while looking – and coveting – all the gorgeous earrings out there! LOL

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    Ooh! Love these! Hmm, blue is my favorite color and I have a birthday coming up next week. May have to forward this post to hubby! πŸ˜‰

    -Erin @ DIY On the Cheap

    • says

      Oh Erin – definitely need to forward this post. Um…and since your husband will see our comments… Dear Husband-of-Erin, Your wife is my hero because she can use a power tool. I am scared of power tools. This fact alone makes her worthy of shiny small birthday gift…and I’m not talking a box of nails either! Sincerely, Laura, Friend-of-Erin

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    Oh I “Ear” you all right! Loud and Cl-earring! This are all so lovely I can’t decide which ones I like best. Oh , the heck with it I’ll take one of each…now where did DH hide his wallet? πŸ™‚


    • says

      You’re welcome Steph! I agree with you about labradorite: the colors of this stone always seem to have a soothing hue to them. I just looked up the historical beliefs about this stone, and it was believed the wearer would have good health and good fortune. Maybe that’s why I “see” the soothing hues. πŸ™‚