Do You Ear What I Ear? My Etsy Handmade Earrings Addiction: Leather!

StudioDevinat Etsy
Fabric Flutter Hoop Earrings in Blush & Sterling Silver | StudioDevinat

Welcome to my 3rd edition of Do You Ear What I Ear? – where I obsess over share my favorite handmade earrings from the many talented artists on Etsy.

This month’s theme?  Leather!

tomgirl etsy
Fantastic Leather Leaf Earrings | tomgirl

I love earrings. Especially handmade earrings. Always have. And leather earrings are no exception!

evasugar etsy
Multi-color Leather and Silver Earrings | evasugar

Whether the leather is hand-cut, laser-cut, painted or dyed, you can find just about any style and color of leather earrings imaginable on Etsy.

NayaJewelry etsy
Abstract Colorblock Handpainted Leather Earrings | NayaJewelry

The leather earrings featured in this post represent just a fraction of the intricate designs available.

ChrisOsCreations etsy
Victorian Calligraphy Script Leather Earrings | ChrisOsCreations
Since I can’t purchase every single pair that I adore, I am sharing them here with you, dear readers.
bibliographica etsy
Handbound Mini Black Leather Book Earrings w/ Tea-Stained Pages | bibliographica

If you purchase any of these earrings, I will be over the moon for you. 

islandmantra etsy
Gold Metallic Painted Leather “Tenor Pan Slice” Earrings | islandmantra

And a bit jealous too. 

julishland etsy
Dangle Leather Earrings with Leaves | julishland

But in a good way!

agatechristina etsy
Turquoise and Silver Leather Floral Earrings | agatechristina

Think of me not as an earrings-addicted girl . . .

imali etsy
Modern Style Leather Earrings in Latte Brown | imali
. . . but rather as your go-to guide for amazing handmade earrings on Etsy.
eninaj etsy
 Black Lace Laser-Cut Leather & Sterling Silver Earrings | eninaj

And the best part about all of these earrings? They are handmade. Nothing mass-produced here!

stylehybrid etsy
Mirror, Leather, Indian Henna Inspired Paisley Earrings | stylehybrid

Want to see more earrings?

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    • says

      LOL Laura re: your gold hoop earrings. I seem to swing between wearing different handmade earrings each day to sometimes going several days straight wearing my pearl stud earrings. 🙂

  1. says

    Laura, I’m so honored to be a part of this list! Thank you for including me and for exposing me to so many talented designers!

    • says

      Hi Michelle! Thanks (on behalf of the artists, of course!) for the compliments! And thanks for following me…I just spent some time enjoying your blog as well, and look fwd to getting to know you!