A storm is approaching: Mother Nature’s Show

A storm is approaching here on Wednesday early evening . . .

I love storms, all the sound effects and the light shows . . .  I don’t like the damage they do, and yes I still get scared at the really loud cracks of thunder and lightning.

But I love the way the sky looks, and how fast the clouds roll by . . .

Let’s hope this storm breaks our current heatwave.  We could all use a temperature break!

I’m working on a few blog posts, as well as my Halloween and Christmas designs for my Etsy shop. This week is flying by, but I’ll be back here soon with a new gardening post about the flower above in the picture. And I’ve got a sweet project to share on a simple tiny box makeover into something special.

But now I’m going downstairs to watch the weather . . .  Mother Nature’s show!