Saturday, Crafty Day

Pink Strawflowers, June 2012 

Happy Saturday!

This morning is a project day for some crafts I’ll be sharing with you soon, but I’m also mapping out many upcoming topics too!

The image of the strawflowers above reminds me that I have many plants and flowers that I still want to tell you about! I also haven’t finished my container garden “mini-series” though I can’t believe a month has passed already since we left that topic. I’ve been doing way more gardening than actual blogging about gardening, and I hope you have also been enjoying some garden time too!

Painting a paper mache heart box for a fun project!

I have also been working on several fun tutorials, most of them in some degree of “in process” as I type this. I will admit that it is harder to craft indoors when all I want to do is be outdoors!

New card design in my Etsy shop: The Birthday Song, © Pet Scribbles

My birthday is next week, and to celebrate I will be giving away a copy of Mod Podge Rocks! – Decoupage Your World by Amy Anderson. This book has only been out for a few weeks and already it is one of the top-selling craft books on Amazon! Next week, I’ll explain why you should buy this book and how fun and easy it is to craft with Mod Podge.

Until then, I hope you have a fabulous weekend, and that you will stop back in for all the upcoming fun!