Yogurt Fail

I am not capable of opening a simple container of yogurt. A simple foil covering, with the helpful tabs. The tabs that are supposed to be an easy aid in pulling off the foil top. I have yet to do it successfully. Maybe this is why I haven’t had yogurt in awhile.

Red circles showing gloppy yogurt mess – happens every time.

Here’s what happens: the foil tabs rips off; and then I’m stuck clawing at the darn thing to come off. My cats could probably do better with their claws. When I do finally get a piece of the foil up – or a tab decides to be nice to me – what happens? I get squirted with yogurt, and so does the kitchen counter, and sometimes the floor too.

Well, my word of the year is messy, so there you have it!

No, I’m not squeezing the container. No, I’m not an idiot. I just can’t handle yogurt lids. Very frustrating.

On another note, so far my morning has not gone well. I’m having what I like to call an awkward clutzy day. So far, I . . . fell off the step ladder in my closet, dropped the shaving cream cap in the shower and bonked my head on the way back up, got hair goop stuck in my engagement ring, was using a pin to get the goop out and stuck myself pretty well, and then dropped the pin onto the carpet. Sigh. At least I knew to grab my stack of super-strong magnets that I use for my business: just wave those suckers over the carpet and the pin jumps right onto the magnets!

Time for my second cup of tea.

Hope your morning is going much better than mine is.