Father’s Day Cards: Handmade by Pet Scribbles

Inside: Happy Father’s Day!
© Pet Scribbles

Hi everyone! Hope your weekend was grand! We spent a few muscle-hurting days in our yard. I was on mulch duty, and felt like I used over 100 bags of mulch in our garden beds. In reality? Just 16 bags so far. The gardens look a lot better – like the difference between no makeup and some makeup – instantly look better. 🙂

Now for the shameless promotion part of this post!

Father’s Day is June 17th this year, and I’m taking orders for Father’s Day cards (in my Etsy shop) through Sunday night, June 10th.

Inside: You are the best “Paw” ever!
© Pet Scribbles

My handmade cards are digitally designed and printed, hand-scored and folded, then finished with inks for an antiqued vintage look. On Etsy, there is a place in each item’s description where a seller can list the materials used. One of the materials I always include is, “made with love” – because it truly is a labor of love for me.

Inside: You are the best!
© Pet Scribbles

The “Master of the House” card, above, can be made saying either “from the dog” or “from the dogs” – just leave me a note during the checkout process. (No worries if you forget, because I will always double-check with you anyway!)

Inside: Happy Father’s Day!
© Pet Scribbles

Same thing with the above card – can either say “from the cat” or “from the cats” – your choice!

Inside: Hope your day is purrfect!
© Pet Scribbles

The “Happy Paw Day to the King!” card, above, is perfect for the dad who is lazy likes to relax!

Inside: You are the best “Paw” ever!
© Pet Scribbles
I love how deep the colors are on the card above – they really help the image pop on the textured cardstock!
For caption – see below!
© Pet Scribbles

Not all of my handmade cards feature pets, as the above card shows. I made this card for my own Dad a few years ago, using several different vintage images of old-style baseball mitts.

The inside of the card says,

You are my biggest fan
And my favorite coach
Thanks for being such a fantastic father!

But wait… there’s more!

If you would like to personalize any of the cards a bit more, you can do that too. Well, actually I can do that for you! Just ask me! Here’s some specifics for you:

1) changing anything minor – for example changing the word “dog” to “dogs” or “I” to “we” — no extra charge.

2) changing text on inside of the card only with your own greeting or message — just $1 extra charge.

3) changing text on front of the card only with your own greeting — just $1 extra charge.

Some examples: 
Instead of a card saying “from the cat” – we change it to say “from Snowball” 
Instead of a card saying “from the dogs” – we change it to say “from Heidi and Thor” 

Why is there an extra charge? Isn’t the same amount of work involved to change one or two letters on a card?

There is a nominal extra charge for these services as there is layout work involved. Before listing these cards for sale, I previously made designs that say “from the dog” and “from the dogs” – for example. If I’m removing a 3-letter word and replacing it with a name that is 7 letters, there’s actually a bit of work involved to lay out the words so that everything is still in proportion and looks good. I’m my own toughest critic, so I take the time to make sure what you request will look great.

So there you have it! I’d love to work with you – or your pets – to make a special card for Father’s Day.

Just go to my Etsy shop by clicking here, and then click on the “Contact” button with any special requests.

Thanks so much, and please feel free to share this with your friends who are owned by dogs and cats too!