Pet Scribbles: Marble Magnets, Bubble Magnets: Easy Way to Dry Them

Friday, May 11, 2012

Marble Magnets, Bubble Magnets: Easy Way to Dry Them

My bubble magnets set aside to dry...

This could be my shortest post ever! The other day I shared a picture of the bubble magnets I was working on, and mentioned how I dry them. When I need the adhesive (that attaches the magnet to the acrylic cabochon) to dry, I place each piece on my wire wall shelves (magnet side up), making sure to separate them a bit so they don't attract each other and snap together as magnets tend to do.

I swear - trying to pull these super-strong magnets apart without ruining the artwork is the worst thing. Next. To. Impossible. Kim, from Joyfully Sharing, commented that she had also experienced - in her words - having "a couple go 'down' in the line of duty too!" and suggested wire drying racks as another option.

Here's a picture so you have a visual of what I was describing. Hope this tip helps those of you who make these types of magnets!



  1. Thanks for sharing your idea Laura! (And for mentioning mine.;))I can see why this idea works so well, because it looks like the top side fits pretty snug in between the rails too! I'm definately trying these ideas for the next batch I make.

    1. Yes, I really like that nothing can roll around like Weebles! (Does anyone even remember those? "Weebles wobble but they won't fall down!" ?? Anyone?) Let me know how it works for you next time you're making magnets!


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