Kitchen Magnets: What I’m Working on Today!

kitchen magnets, office magnets
Attaching magnets to the back of the bubbles . . .

Today I’m making another round of acrylic bubble magnets for my Etsy shop, and thought I’d give you a glimpse of my craft table.

The magnets are super-strong, so when I remove one magnet from the stack (which you can see at the top left side of the image above), I have to make sure to keep it some distance from the stack, otherwise chaos ensues . . . especially when I set them aside to dry.

Luckily the finished pieces fit perfectly within the spaces of my wire shelving so I can space them apart to dry without fear they will attract each other, snap together, and make it next to impossible to get them apart again w/out ruining the artwork inside.

Yes people, it has happened!

Have a great Tuesday!



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    Ha Ha!!! I use similar magnets in my creations and soooooooo know what you are talking about!!! I lay them strategically throughout my kitchen to dry LOL. And, I have had a couple go “down” in the line of duty too! Never thought of a wire drying rack, that would make sense! Maybe next time I’ll pull mine out of the microwave and try that ;).

    • says

      Hooray – you understand what I’m talking about! LOL I came upon the wire drying rack idea by accident, staring at my shelves wondering where to put each magnet to dry when the proverbial lightbulb went off! 🙂