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Saturday, May 26, 2012

I love custom orders!

pet scribbles victorian boot card
© Pet Scribbles LLC

One of my customers asked me for a set of blank notecards that she can give as a birthday gift to someone who loves Victorian images. The customer said, "It could be anything - like maybe a Victorian boot or something." Well, did I have the image for her! This aqua-colored Victorian boot with the peach roses is one of my favorite images and I knew right away this would be the main image for the cards. I digitally added a very pale ribbon frame around the boot, and then I hand-painted the card edges with matching aqua ink. And of course had to add glitter - love glitter!! - on the roses as well.

© Pet Scribbles LLC

And here is what the back of the card will look like. I always put some form of the "Custom made just for you...." on the back of every custom card design, with input from the customer on what they might like for wording.

I'll be making these over the holiday weekend, boxing them up in a clear acid-free box tied with colorful matching raffia ribbon. Or maybe seam binding. Hmm... Not sure yet!

Oh - and yes, I love custom orders! So if you ever need something special made for someone special, just ask!



  1. It's lovely, Laura, and I love the glitter too! I'm not sure what you mean by the ribbon frame--I think it doesn't show up too well on my computer. I see a pale blue lacy pattern around the boot, I think. Wonderful!

    1. Thanks Bernadette! What you see (blue lacy pattern) I think is what I'm calling the blue ribbon LOL - made up name, of course! It is framing the boot around the edges of the card. If you click the image you might see it a bit better. Darn scanner would not work with me, even though I asked nicely! :)

  2. The customer is going to be thrilled!


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