Pet Scribbles: Do You Ear What I Ear? My Etsy Handmade Earrings Addiction: Copper!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Do You Ear What I Ear? My Etsy Handmade Earrings Addiction: Copper!

CobwebCorner earrings
Inspire word on Copper and Brass Earrings | Cobweb Corner

Welcome to the 2nd edition of Do You Ear What I Ear? Where I share my addiction to handmade earrings, specifically those I drool over come across on Etsy. 

This month's theme? Copper!

EuphoricCharms earrings
Copper Pyrite Wire Wrapped Earrings | Euphoric Charms

Copper is so very beautiful not only for the Summer months, but year-round. And Copper looks lovely on just about every skin tone there is.

Copper, Sterling Silver, and Pearl Hoop Earrings | The Purple Lily Designs

I love earrings. Especially handmade earrings. Always have. And Copper earrings are no exception!

Lucky Earrings | foundling

And being on Etsy, I covet want see a lot of gorgeous Copper earring designs.

Mystic Waters Teal Glass with Copper Filigree Cone Earrings | Beanz Beads

I favorite them, and I heart them. And I may or may not obsess about them. (Part of conquering an addiction is admitting you have one. But I don't know that I want to be cured of this addiction, quite frankly!)

TheMossGarden on Etsy
Urchin Earrings with Rhinestones | The Moss Garden

Since I can't purchase every single pair that I adore, I am sharing them here with you, dear readers.

ChelseaGirlDesigns on Etsy
Hammered Copper Earrings w/ Elaine Ray Ceramic Wheels | Chelsea Girl Designs

If you purchase any of these earrings, I will be over the moon for you.

HapaGirls on Etsy
Cherry Blossom Silver and Copper Post Earrings | Hapa Girls

And a bit jealous too.

DreamBelleDesign on Etsy
Copper Tulip, Multi-Colored Pink Spinel, Oval Earrings | DreamBelle Designs

But in a good way.

Textured Copper Earrings | Kit King Designs

Think of me not as an earrings-addicted girl . . .

Flora: Copper Leaves, Vintage Crystal Earrings | Cool Jewelry Design

. . . but rather as your go-to guide for amazing handmade earrings on Etsy.

Copper Earrings with Colored Pearls | Alery Accessories

Want to see more earrings?

Check out my April edition of Do You Ear What I Ear? featuring earrings perfect for Spring here.

Visit and follow my Handmade Earrings on Etsy board on Pinterest here.

What are some of your drool-worthy favorite categories on Etsy?


PS -- two mentions of drool in this post... not sure what that means...


  1. Very Nice! Thank you so much for featuring my cherry blossom earrings!!!!

    1. You're welcome Elan! Your Cherry Blossom designs and your Lotus Blossom designs are so pretty!

  2. Thanks so much for including my earrings....such lovely selections

    1. You're so welcome! Love your copper pyrite earrings - they would be gorgeous with a t-shirt and jeans, and still hold their own with a cocktail dress too!

  3. These are all so lovely! Great choices.

    1. Thanks Betsy! Your artistry is amazing, and your shop is a definite favorite of mine!

  4. Awesome finds! Thanks so much for including my earrings! :)

    1. Thanks Susan, and you're welcome too! Love the tulips - such a sweet design!

  5. Thank you so much, Laura! I'm honored to be a part of this wonderful collection!
    I'm definitely earrings-addicted too :)).

    1. Thank YOU so much Alery! I love how "soft" you made the copper look, as it surrounds the pearls. :)

  6. Awesome !!! Awesome ! :D Wow love this collection of Copper Earrings and the Artists that created them. Diana

    1. Hi Diana! I knew you would love this collection, of course! :)) Thanks for stopping by!

  7. I am honored to be included in your wonderful collection of earrings and great Etsy shops!

    Thank you so much for the opportunity!!

    1. Hi Julie - you're very welcome! I love how you combine ceramic with metal - it makes for some really lovely designs!

  8. Laura, you are a dear to include me here among all of your copper treasures! Beautiful examples of how copper can be an element of choice...many thanks for the inclusion.

    Drool is not all that bad. :-)

    Thanks so much!


    1. Hi Pam! Yes, drool is not all that bad, when it is over the "right" things, as in earrings, as in I can never get enough! LOL I just pinned your "Celery" copper earrings to my Pinterest board this morning. :)

  9. Fantastic post and thank you for featuring my Mystic Waters earrings!

    I absolutely adore all of the designs you featured...great styles and unique designs!

    Thanks so much,
    Wendy from Beanz Beads

    1. You're very welcome Wendy! The moment I saw those earrings on Facebook, I hearted them and added them to my Pinterest board! Teal is probably my favorite color, and I love how it looks against the copper. :)

  10. Laura, thank you so much for including my earrings in this post! I am in truly outstanding company! I keep looking back through all the photos and I am so impressed by each creation. Well done, everybody!


    1. You're welcome Victoria! I really like all of the intricate details of your Urchin earrings, and am glad the photo really shows them off nicely, because they are truly gorgeous!


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