April Flowers Bring May Showers This Year!

Fire Witch Dianthus seedling,
one of many that popped up this year!

Yes I know, the phrase is actually “April Showers Bring May Flowers” but I don’t think it fits this year. For one thing, having a non-Winter meant that everything began blooming early and many flowers that normally don’t bloom until May have already come and gone. Also: it is raining this morning and it’s May 1st. So there you go.

The Shed – this little blog of mine – is now just over 3 months young. At some point I won’t care when there’s a 3-month span of time on here, but for now I think this is a good time for a quick reflection. So here goes:

    • My word of the year is “messy” but I’m not sure if I’m truly showing the mess. In that post back in January I explained my choice of word like this: “As in be more messy. As in everything is never quite perfect, so why keep waiting until it is?” Need to show more mess. Need to have more messes. And not feel that I have to clean up all messes. Some messes are good. Creativity is messy. That’s one of my mantras. Seriously. Reminds me not to be so afraid worried paranoid fearful concerned that my projects shared here aren’t 100% magazine-worthy perfect.


  • My blog header says, “a crafty blog” but I’ve yet to share any crafts that I have personally tried, completed, accomplished, abandoned. Yes, I’ve shared many awesome links to crafty tutorials that others have shared on their blogs. But hello? Earth to Laura? Be more messy. And less afraid worried paranoid fearful concerned that my projects shared here aren’t 100% magazine-worthy perfect.



  • Gardening is a popular draw here on The Shed. I’m really happy to see that, because of course one of my loves is gardening. So to see my gardening posts pinned, stumbled, and tweeted has really meant a lot. I will definitely keep posting about gardening. Not that it cuts down on how much I want to always blab about it with my husband at any and all times of the day or night. . .  The conversations are more like monologues, with me talking and him saying a lot of “uh-huh” or “sounds good” or “yes, honey” all with the semi-glazed-over look. It isn’t that he’s not interested. But he’s more about doing, not just talking about doing. And that’s another good lesson to keep in mind: Don’t just talk about it, do it. And get messy.



  • My little blog has enjoyed a whopping 1,568 page views over the past month. On one hand, compare that with some of my favorite craft and lifestyle bloggers who have already hit milestones long ago of 25,000, 50,000, and over 100,000 page views per month. But I’m looking at it like this: WOW!!!! When I started a few months ago, I had no idea if I’d even get 5 page views… so I’m enjoying watching the number climb each month like the little engine that could!


So that’s all the time I have for reflection right now. Why? Because – to quote a good quote I saw on Pinterest recently –

You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one.

Happy May Day!



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    Happy May Day to you too and congrats on your 3 month mark! I just “re-invented” my blog and have only been at it for a couple weeks, so your thoughts are encouraging, especially when it comes to page views. I’m also going to share your blog with my mom, an avid green thumb, I am quite the opposite, but love a good read. Happy Blogiversary to you!

    • says

      Thanks Kim! Nothing wrong with re-inventing your blog…I know of so many bloggers who have done that. To me it just makes sense, as you happily blog along you begin to know what you like to write about more and more. 🙂 Thx for sharing w/ your mom too!