Thursday Blog Links: on Pinterest, Facebook Likes, and Fighting the Blues, April 19, 2012

Daffodils standing tall in our garden!

Here are this week’s links to read and enjoy, all while sipping your favorite beverage. For me this morning? My usual large mug of Irish Breakfast Tea!

Brands on Pinterest: To $ or Not to $? [Study] ~ from Mashable

As an online seller on Etsy, I have wrestled with the issue of pinning my items on Pinterest, specifically whether or not to include the dollar amount. At first I didn’t, then I saw others did, so I did, and then I felt weird, so I stopped. Then tried it again, still felt weird. Stopped. When I included the dollar amount, it felt less like I was sharing one of my creations with everyone, and more like me saying “buy this!” instead. I’m happy to report that the above study puts my mind at ease. If you sell your handmade creations or your vintage collections online, and you share them on Pinterest, read this results of this study to decide what’s best for you.

How to Find the Original Source of an Image on Pinterest ~ from The Graphics Fairy

You may remember that I recently featured a beautifully crafted German Glass Glitter Easter Egg tutorial from The Graphics Fairy. Here she is again, only this time giving us an easy way to find the original sources on Pinterest. Because we have all run into this problem: you see a gorgeous project, you click to learn how to do it, and the pin goes to somewhere completely unrelated. Now there’s a solution!

Big DIY Blogger Survey ~ from Crafterminds

Crafterminds – a great place for creative bloggers to find useful tips and info – is currently taking a survey to help all of us learn more about ourselves as crafty DIY bloggers. This survey only takes 10 minutes, covers many valuable topics, and the results will be shared on their website at the end of May. This survey runs through the end of April, so if you know someone who should take this survey, please share this link with them. And if you are a crafty, DIY creative blogger, by all means please participate in the survey.

5 Myths About Fighting The Blues ~ from Gretchen Rubin at The Happiness Project

You may have seen or read about Gretchen Rubin over the past few years, as she is the author of the wildly popular book The Happiness Project – her year-long quest to try out various ideas on creating happiness. Gretchen maintains a blog of the same title, and this article in particular caught my eye. I can be guilty of 3 out of the 5 myths when I’m feeling down, definitely not the “anger” one. How about you?

How to Get More Likes on Facebook ~ from The Oatmeal

While this infographic definitely has some laugh-out-loud examples of what not to do, the main point about making awesome things that are likeable definitely rings true.

Oh – and one more thing…

Last Thursday – besides blogging about my inability to see invisible paint – I devoted my Thursday Blog Links to an amazing giveaway from The EtsyGreetings Team. You still have time to enter – just by joining their email list – to win over 40 handmade cards from over 40 amazing artists. Details are here.

Hope you enjoyed these links!