Thursday Blog Links: EtsyGreetings Team Loves Mom Giveaway, April 12, 2012

Hi everyone, and Happy Thursday!

Of course, as I typed the date into the title of this post, I realized that tomorrow is Friday the 13th which for some people is a superstitious date. I don’t believe that things happen any differently for me whether it is that specific day/date or not. For example, if – and when – I stub my toe on the stupid pet gate today – it does not mean that I won’t do it again tomorrow. And when it happens tomorrow, it won’t be because it is Friday the 13th. It just means that the pet gate has invisible paint on it, and that my husband can actually see invisible paint while I cannot.

Today’s Thursday Blog Links are actually just one blog link. I’ll explain.

I’m a proud member of the EtsyGreetings Team, a group of creative people designing and making handmade greeting cards. I love this particular Etsy team because everyone is so supportive of each other as we share questions, advice, tips, and stories about Etsy, about card-making, and life in general too! We do quite a few promotions throughout the year, offering our Etsy customers discounts and giveaways.

And today – April 12th – begins our biggest giveaway yet!

(I figured this logo tells you the title perfectly, so why not repeat it but just a bit smaller?)

Here’s the details, direct from our EtsyGreetings Team Blog:

To celebrate moms everywhere,
EtsyGreetings is hosting one of the biggest giveaways in our history!
The giveaway features more than 40 beautiful, handmade, all-occasion greeting cards
made by EtsyGreetings team members.
{only U.S. residents eligible for prize}
Entries accepted April 12 – 23, with the randomly selected winner announced on April 23.
To be entered, simply join the EtsyGreetings mailing list!


Easy peasy!

Want to see the actual collection of handmade cards the winner will receive?

I thought so! Here they are:
EtsyGreetings Loves Mom Giveaway – more than 40 handmade cards!

You get many styles, in many colors, and the best part? These are all-occasion greeting cards, blank inside, so you will be able to use these for all sorts of special reasons. Much better than winning a “Congratulations on your 3rd set of twins!” card that might sit in a drawer somewhere until you have the perfect occasion to actually use it!

All you have to do is go to our team blog and fill out a super-easy form to join our mailing list! That’s it! So… click here and enter!

Here’s a close-up look at one of my cards that is included in this giveaway:

Just Because handmade card by Pet Scribbles

You can click on the image to see the details up close. There’s gold glitter embellishment on the yellow rose, and the border and background are distressed by hand too.

But wait: there’s more!  More, you ask?  Yep!

Mother’s Day Cards

When you visited the Etsy Greetings Team Blog and entered the giveaway, did you scroll down past the entry form? Huh? You didn’t enter yet? Well, when you do enter, scroll down the page and you will see images that will take you directly to the Etsy Greetings Team member shops that are selling handmade Mother’s Day cards! Again, you will see in the pictures that we offer many different styles and designs of Mother’s Day cards, which means you will find something for every “mom” on your list!

You can see my own Mother’s Day cards available by clicking on the link to my Pet Scribbles Etsy shop on the right-hand side of this page.

And that’s it for today’s blog links! What? You still haven’t clicked over to enter the giveaway? What are you waiting for? Click here to enter!